Gold Buying

We Pay More For Your Broken Or Used Jewelry!

Have some old or broken jewelry that’s just taking up space in your jewelry box? We can help you with that by paying top dollar for your used gold jewelry. Stop by one of our locations with your jewelry and we will evaluate it and give you CASH on the spot.

How Can We Pay More?

Corporate gold-buying companies smash and melt down your gold to make their profit – we don’t! Unlike those other gold-buying places we can refurbish and resell most jewelry that comes through our doors – this gives us the ability to pay more!

What About The Diamonds?

Since the corporate gold-buying places just melt down your jewelry, they often don’t pay for the value of the diamonds – we do! When evaluating your piece(s) we take into account the amount and quality of diamonds and adjust our offer accordingly.

Stop by today to see what your old jewelry is worth!

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